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Health Sector Specialists

An important and diverse industry needs dedicated and extensive resources.

The health care sector is a primary service with specific needs and dependencies. Patients and families place an enormous level of trust in these skilled industry professionals and the results need to be not just ok, but the absolute best.

As with any large operation, success is not often the result of a single individual, but the combined effort of many processes and people, together working for the same positive result.

You can count on us

When you run a tight ship, you need to know that everyone around you is on the same team, wanting the same result.

Your print services are an important part of your systems and procedures. People rely on print to be where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

Barker and Barker Media are a Health Sector trusted supplier of print and media products and is a reliable team player in the Australian health sector.

Responsive and totally reliable is what everyone is saying

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 Services that excel

Providing high quality, cost effective and innovative print based and communication services and products is not only what we do, but what we love to do!

Barker & Barker Media services range from concept to delivery, from short run single colour forms, to full colour perfect bound books and everything in between.

Simply, the wealth of our print expertise begins with your ideas and seamlessly guides them through the creation of images, laying ink on paper, finishing and distribution.


Online and Human Operations

As well as our extensive and efficient online print procurement system, our plant was purpose-built from the ground up to supply creative design, print manufacturing, warehousing and distribution services. The health care sector with its tight quality and timing requirements is the perfect place to demonstrate the depth of our commitment.

Since 2004, our services have grown and now provide support in a vast range of areas within the health care industry.

With our expertise, we can help you too.


Dedicated people need dedicated support.

To learn more about how Barker and Barker Media can help you succeed with print in the health care industry, get in touch today!

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